Oyster River Pages will be open for submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art January–May 2019. To find out more about ORP please go to: https://www.oysterriverpages.com/

Applicants for the 2019 ORP Internship may apply below.

Oyster River Pages (ORP) is currently looking for four interns for their next issue (due August 2019), one for each respective genre (poetry, creative non-fiction, fiction, visual art). Potential interns should apply to only one of the genres and be well versed in that area. Applicants should be able to devote approximately ten hours per month to ORP work from January–September 2019. In exchange, interns will receive ten hours of editorial guidance and mentoring over the course of those months.

More importantly, ORP is looking for interns who align themselves with the values and creative expressions that the journal embodies. ORP seeks to promote underrepresented voices in publication, believing that fostering diversity is the key to a more productive and compassionate society. We see artistic expression as holding potential in liminal spaces so that individuals and groups can speak and be listened to and understood in new ways. 

To see if this internship is right for you, please explore our website at oysterriverpages.com. 

Applications are due by December 15, 2018.

Areas that interns may participate in are (and are not limited to):

  • Reporting weekly (or bi-weekly) on submissions
  • Separating slush from potential publications
  • Sending slush declines
  • Consulting with editors on final publishing selections
  • Assisting in website uploading of bios, pictures, pieces, etc.
  • Assisting in emailing contributors regarding bios, pictures, declines etc.
  • Maintaining social media presence
  • Helping to brainstorm and articulate relevant themes for issues

To apply, please attach your resume and address the following four questions in the text boxes provided.

About ORP: Oyster River Pages is the unlikely collaboration of four lovers of literature and art spread across four states. Once upon a time, we all lived in lands shaped by the Susquehanna River, and our years there have stuck with us like silt in our swim trunks. Like the work of the nineteenth-century Impressionists (how's that for self-flattery?), ORP was born out of the frustrated conviction that too much fine work goes unseen and unrecognized. We delight in celebrating new discoveries. At ORP we champion creating a community of writers, especially those whose voices come from the margins.

Oyster River Pages